Working on the Nest – Laundry Room!

Of every little makeover I have ever done around my house this is my favorite.  One day I was looking at my 15 year old washer & dryer and thinking how much i really hated looking at them.  Suddenly I had a Pinterest inspired epiphany – paint them!  I had bookmarked someone else’s photos a few months before and I had nothing better to do for the weekend so….


15 year old washer/dryer after i cleaned off the lint & dog hair

After their new paint job!


Materials Used:

  • KILZ primer spray & Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2x Primer Spray
    KILZ® Original Aerosol Primerbefore_after
  • Various Valspar Interior Paint samples
    8-oz Fireside Interior Satin Paint Sample8-oz Tranquility Interior Satin Paint Sample
  • Removable contact paper
  • Clear spray lacquer
    11-oz. Lacquer Gloss Black Spray Paint
  • Foam & paint brushes



Here’s What I Did!

IMG_20140210_183502First of all, do not do as I did & paint in an enclosed area, there is a reason EVERYthing I used said not to!  Having to leave a door open while it is about 5 degrees out is not so much fun.

I had most of the materials i used on hand, I only had to purchase the spray lacquer & contact paper.  I have all kinds of paint samples left from various projects so I figured I would give them a try and see how it went.

I started with the remainder of a can of KILZ primer, when it ran out I started on the rustoleum. The KILZ seemed to go on more evenly but both worked.  After it dried I started painting.  I used the foam brush & it took several coats before I was satisfied with the results, it may have gone on better with a real brush.

While waiting for them to dry overnight and the odor to dissipate somewhat I dug out a few wall stencils from previous projects and figured I would give them a try.  As it turns out I also have oodles of the little acrylic craft paints so I dug them out as well!   The stencils were a labor of love and I am so in love with how well they turned out!

Then there were the consoles… all of the knobs except the large washer dial came off so I painted them with some dark brown enamel spray paint (also on hand).  I found some perfect removable contact paper at Target for $6.95 (I have LOTS left over).  I cut the paper to length & carefully used an exacto knife to cut it to the write oval size.  It went on pretty well, took a few retries.  I used a marker to mark the “most used” choices but had to use the knife to cut around the large dials.  I have no doubt there are cleaner & better ways to do it but it worked for me!

The last step was the smelliest of all, the spray lacquer. I did some research about different options for sealing the paint, which was flat so would have scratched, and

making everything glossy.   The spray lacquer seemed the most cost effective & easiest and from what I read from others online it seemed it would adhere well.  I did 2 very quick coats and it’s held up wonderfully. Note: Do not spray the contact paper with the lacquer, it will peel!

All told it took me off & on 2 days to finish the job. When i was done putting the washer & dryer back together I figured it was a good time to put up some shelves.  I moved my great-grandmother’s wooden wringer in there along with some of her old aprons and it looks fantastic!