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About w3bch1ck.com

W3bch1ck.com is one woman’s dream of making beautiful things that make people smile. My name is Kristy Rhoades and I am a web application developer by day, which is where my “web chick” handle was born.   With that paying the bills I can spend my free time repurposing vintage textiles such as seed, feed, grain & flour sacks.  My initial line of repurposed purses was called The Up^Cycles, I have since expanded my product line to include pillows, wall hangings, stuffed bears and more.

I’ve attemped many creative outlets over the years, everything from stained glass to jewelry making to book binding & currently braided rugs, but I always return to my first love –Author's great grandparents on the homestead fabric.  I have been sewing since I was 6 years old and I come from a long line of talented & resourceful women.  My mother is an extremely talented seamstress & quiltmaker, from her I inherited my love of cloth collecting.  My great-grandmother raised a family during the great depression, from her I learned the value of re-use long before recycling was in vogue.   W3bch1ck is a natural progression, combining my love of sewing with my interest in rural farm life over the last century.

eeI sell my work at local NH craft fairs as well as on my Etsy store, http://w3bch1ck.etsy.com.

blue envelopeIf you’d like to drop me a line you can email me at info@w3bch1ck.com.  I’m located in the beautiful town of Merrimack, NH, voted the 19th safest city in the country in 2014!