I Wanna Be A Cowgirl

We’ve got cowgirls, bullriders and one lonely (well, not really) cowboy holding down the ranch on this one-of-a-kind purse.   I had SO much fun making this one!

This 11″ x 17″ padded purse is fully lined and features a full width pocket (also lined and padded) on each side. The pockets have a [red!] velcro closure and feature some girls with more sass than a bottle of sassafras! The lining is a great rodeobullrider pattern. There are two padded handles, each with a metal D-ring to attach keys to. An adjustable padded shoulder strap can be clipped to D-rings.   Thanks to the brilliance of my husband I’ve included a small zippered wallet made from the lining material that has a petite swivel hook attached. The zipper is salvaged and the lining is bright red!

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